Building and Designing with Shorehouse is different,
from start to end.

Putting you at the centre of the process, we bring to life your vision whilst providing you with optionality and transparency to help you meet your project or property objectives.

Starting Your Build

Before an initial conversation, we ensure that there is an upfront alignment on your journey to date, so we can be informed and set up the process for success.

Specifically, we request information on:

  1. Whether your site is secured (we can't commence on design until it is).

  2. Site surveys. Where you haven't yet obtained one, we network you with our recommended surveyors.

  3. Preliminary assessment. We ensure that you have some up-front confidence from council that you'll be good to proceed, especially in the case of duplexes or other instances where zoning issues may arise.

  4. Budget. We ascertain whether you have a budget in mind for your project, especially where partners are involved. 

Working it all out
Initial Conversation

We catch up virtually to find out more about your vision, working through key matters including:

  • Budget, and how you want to deploy it;
  • Timeline: When you would like to commence and what you have in mind for completion;
  • Site surveys, and key things to take away from them;
  • The size of the site in question, including total area and frontage;
  • Orientation of the site (e.g. whether it falls to the front or rear);
  • Easements and covenants on the property, if there are any;
  • Other key elements such as solar access and cross ventilation.
Kicking off
Kick-off Meeting & Design Contract

We meet with you and work through the signing of a design contract, agreeing on the scope of the design component of our work, including your intended:

  • Floorplan & layout, including # of bedrooms, study rooms, bathrooms, living spaces and their configurations
  • Facade styles: traditional vs contemporary (for instance)
  • Finishes (including any specifics you have in mind)
  • Non-negotiables and "nice to have"s
  • Timelines and budget
  • Site conditions (adjoining properties, local Council controls, street access, sewer and other issues).

This meeting represents the formal start of our working relationship. We give you the chance to ask all your questions so you can get a feel for us as your partner on an exciting journey.

Putting it all together
Design Concepts & Iteration

Based on our kick-off meeting and any further conversations as our work progresses, our team of in-house architects undertakes the core design work needed to help achieve your vision.

While doing so, we engage our entire in-house team, including our engineers and project managers. When needed, we consult external consultants such as government authorities.

Based on their combined input, we present our design direction to you for commentary, and iterate until we're able to lock it down to your satisfaction.

Plan Submission

We submit your plan, choosing either one of two pathways based on our conversations at the kick-off meeting (See #3 above):

  1. CDC Approval: Here, we gain complying development certificate (CDC) approval from council for those dwelling types for which they are permitted. In such cases we can get approval in 2-5 weeks. 
  2. DA Approval: The more usual route where we submit on your behalf to Council, per their usual conditions. Approval usually takes between 3-6 months in such instances.
Starting the Build
Construction Phase

Pre-construction: Following approval of your design and plan, we commence the pre-construction stage, which involves finalising all required finishes to ensure the most efficient build process and minimise any minimise delays or unintended costs.

Construction: We then begin the exciting phase of construction, bringing your vision to life. 

Site meetings: During this phase, we invite you to numerous on-site meetings to give you visibility over how everything is coming together. We'll agree their phasing at our kick-off meeting.

To your liking
Handover & Beyond

Following construction, we conduct thorough checks and ensure any defects and gaps are picked up and closed off, so you are ready for the big move.

We work through this process with you, giving you the chance to inspect and bring anything to our attention.

Following handover, we remain close by you to take care of any issues that may arise, ensuring you are thoroughly satisfied as you come to the end of this important journey with us!

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